torsdag 10 februari 2011


You know the Elin Kling collection for H&M we had in Sweden a week ago. Well, I was there and was planning on buying the white pants, the white shorts, the white T-shirt and the leatherjacket. But the pants and the shorts didn't look good irl. And and I had two T-shirts in my hands, but I dropped them :( and then it was impossible finding a new one.
But I did got the jacket, I wasn't sure about it, but I bought it. And now I'll return it. It's just so strange. So disproportionately and illogical. I actually tried everything, but nothing looked good in your hands. I loved the collection when Elin showed it on her blog, but not when I saw it with my own eyes. 

Have a great day! I will with my Phish foooood.

xoxo jojo

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