tisdag 22 februari 2011



This is todays outfit. New dress from Monki, new necklace from Monki, new sunglasses from BikBok and the black t-shirt is new from Monki. I bought everything yesterday when a was in the city all by myself. I like it. And, as you see on the third pic, I'm wearing yellow nail polish for the first time, and i actually like it. 

You wanna know something interesting? You see my dress I wore today, the length of it is just beneath the knees. And that's not strange? Well maybe you wouldn't think of a dress like that if I'd tell you before that I was going to wear a dress today. But just because you don't imagine me wearing that dress it is strange to all the other people in Sweden. In school today I noticed so many people looking at my dress. I often get looks at me in school just because I break the values. And my style is not even exaggerating. It's just these boring Swedes who can't wear anything other than a boring top and jeans. Hate it. We gotta lift it up.

Follow your own feelings.


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