söndag 24 april 2011


It was when Veronica Maggios second album "Och vinnaren är..." was released I first imagined how good she was. I listened to that album a lot and it didn't made it worse that it was Oskar Linnros who wrote the songs with her. And I've been stuck with it lately again.

And now when her third album "Satan i gatan" is about to be released, I'm obsessed with the songs. I LOVE THEM.

You can already listen to "Jag kommer""Vi kommer alltid ha Paris""Mitt hjärta blöder" and "Snälla bli min" on Spotify. Only with premium though.

And if you call 0739525006 you can listen to the song "Välkommen in". That's my favorite btw.

And on Youtube you can listen to a teaser of her song "Inga kläder". There you also can see the "Jag kommer" video and a bit of the "Mitt hjärta blöder" video.

Maybe you don't even care but some of the swedish guys may do. So this is for the ones who might.

Happy easter!


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